Robert Crumb: I Can't Do Pretty

Robert Crumb: I Can't Do Pretty


Robert Crumb: I Can’t Do Pretty’ is a book about a most singular artist – comic book creator and underground icon Robert Crumb – who has spent most of his life confronting the demons and desires hiding both within himself and society at large.

The book explores what makes Crumb tick, and why, more than 50 years after his first comic strips were published, he still is such an idiosyncratic and important artist.

The result of the author’s life-long fascination with Crumb’s work, ’Robert Crumb: I Can’t Do Pretty’ centres on two interviews with Crumb, conducted at the 2019 edition of Louisiana Literature, an annual literature festival taking place at the beautiful Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

Christian Monggaard (b. 1972) is a Danish film critic, journalist, comic book enthusiast and author who has written several books on Danish films and filmmakers. He first encountered Robert Crumb’s comics as a teenager – and he hasn’t been the same since.